Quick tips for a clean removal

When a mobilads campaign comes to a close, we want to ensure you have proper instructions about how to properly remove the wrap from your vehicle without any difficulty. The removal process is meant to be easy and convenient, so here is a simple list of instructions on how to remove your wrap:

  1. Do not remove your car wrap when it’s cold out, in direct sunlight, or during other adverse weather conditions. This will complicate the removal process unnecessarily. (We recommend at home in your garage or in a parking garage)
  2. Select a door, start at a corner of the door and being peeling at a 45 degree angle with two hands in an even fashion. Do not “yank” on the vinyl. Yanking will cause the vinyl to pull up with the laminate left behind, which is not easy to remove!
  3. Stay consistent, peel very slowly with both hands, trying your best to maintain that 45 degree angle for the entire door frame. We recommend removal starting from the top and finishing at the bottom.
  4. After completing removal, there may be some residue left behind. In this case, we offer some recommendations for professional-grade vinyl wrap removal solvents:
    • Crystaltek 10-4 Biodegradable vinyl remover: wipe it on, wait a few minutes, and then peel off the vinyl/adhesive.
    • Rapid Remover: Let it soak into the remnants of the adhesive and squeegee or gently scrape it off.
  5. We hope you have enjoyed driving with mobilads, we will reach out to you again when we are looking for drivers for our next campaign! If you have any questions - reach out to us via email at support@mobilads.co