Mobilads FAQ

mobilads works with rideshare drivers to launch advertising campaigns for companies like Amazon, Metro PCS and Boost Mobile. We have great relationships with Uber and Lyft drivers alike and it is very easy to sign up. You can download our apps here

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How long is each campaign?
Can I really make up to $300 per month?
How will I get paid?
How does a driver qualify to drive with mobilads?
How do I sign up for a mobilads campaign?
What clients have you worked with?
What is the difference between a partial wrap and a full wrap?
What material is the wrap made of?
Will the wrap damage my vehicle in any way?
Do you offer a wrap warranty?
Who is physically installing the vinyl wrap?
How long does it take to install the wrap?
Who removes the wrap when the campaign is over?
I have a friend who is interested in mobilads, how do I tell them to sign up?
What is the mobilads referral bonus?
Is mobilads approved by the TLC in NYC?
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